Consumer Protection

While practicing law with former Governor Roy Barnes, Charlie’s focus was representing Georgians who were hurt by the wrongdoing of others, including victims of consumer fraud.  He will take his courtroom experience to the Attorney General’s office to stop deceptive business practices and will stand up to corporations that conduct fraudulent operations or break the law.  Specifically, when elected, Charlie will bring a suit against every pharmaceutical company that deceptively marketed deadly opioids into our state.  He will recover hundreds of millions of dollars that belong to the taxpayers. Charlie will show that being a good lawyer means using the law to help everyday citizens, especially seniors.

Gang Violence Prevention and Human Trafficking

Georgia is at a crossroads.  Our state has a great influx of wealth with the busiest airport in the world and three major interstates. With that we’ve seen an influx of people coming in to profit off of illicit activity. It’s in narcotics trafficking, it’s in the violence that follows it, and it’s in human trafficking.

Bailey’s most recent work is as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. He worked in the Gang Unit prosecuting tough cases against violent criminals, and stood up for victims by taking gang members off the streets who had committed crimes like murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and drug trafficking.  Charlie knows firsthand that organized crime and gangs operate across county lines, and will implement the first ever statewide organized crime gang division.  It is unacceptable that under the current administration, there is no statewide organized crime database.


Charlie’s opponent has chosen to use the power of the Attorney General’s office to attack the health care access of the hundreds of thousands of Georgians with pre-existing conditions.  Right now, Georgia is one of the states that is suing to strike down the federal law that ensures access to health insurance for those who have pre-existing conditions like cancer and heart disease.  If successful, the effort would even deny protections for children who have pre-existing conditions.

Charlie will take a different path.  Rather than using your tax dollars and the power of the Attorney General’s office to deny protections for Georgians who are in need of healthcare, he will work to make healthcare always available.  That includes joining more than half the states in the Union, including many with Republican Attorneys General, in seeking recovery from the pharmaceutical companies who deceptively marketed opioids in Georgia and knowingly profited from the resulting addiction epidemic.  The recovered funds can be used to fund drug treatment centers across the state to help those who need it.